Tips for Trips in Lipno

Tips for Trips – Interesting Places in Lipno

Alpine Lookout

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 5 km NW | GPS: 48°39'33.504"N, 14°12'58.656"E

If the visibility is good, it is possible to see the Alps, St. Thomas Mountains and the surface of the Lipno Reservoir down in the valley.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 25 km N | GPS: 48°49'29.535"N, 14°13'2.415"E

Exceptionally precious Romanesque Church of St. Nicholas from the end of the 12th century, with Late Gothic refurbishment. Headquarters of the administration of the Boletice Military Training Camp. Small round ancient settlement southeast of the village at the Hradiště Hill (Raziberg).

Černá v Pošumaví

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 18 km SE | GPS: 48°44'16.685"N, 14°6'37.947"E

The first records of this village located 728 m above sea level date back to 1268, its name (“černá” means black in Czech) was derived from black piles at mining towers in a graphite quarry. Church of Chaste Virgin Mary built in 1799 – 1800. A stop of the regular boat line Lipno Dike – Hamburg – Černá – Horní Planá. Headquarters of the guard district Šumava PLA – Lipno Region.

Devil’s Wall

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 3 km SE | GPS: 48°37'52.207"N, 14°15'36.577"E

National nature reserve. Protected geological formation in a landscape relief of rocks and scrub pines with an enormous rock field. Protected rocky bluff “Devil’s Pulpit”, Vltava riverbed with boulders and dished hollows called Huge Pots (“Devil’s Drifts”).

Český Krumlov

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 38 km N | GPS: 48°48'39.269"N, 14°18'54.747"E

Municipal protected area in the historic centre. Since 1992 registered in the List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The castle at the rocky bluff is the dominating feature of the town, founded by the Witikonides in the mid 13th century, being the second biggest in Bohemia after the Prague Castle. Marian column in the square surrounded by sculptures, Renaissance fountain, town hall. The private museum of mining commemorates the tradition of extracting gold, silver, etc.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 9 km NW | GPS: 48°39'39.388"N, 14°9'56.292"E

740 m above sea level. In the square – Gothic Church of St. Bartholomew from the 13th century, fountain and park with old aqueduct, pillory from 1651. The village is partly submerged in the water of the Lipno Reservoir. Campsites, places suitable for fishing in the vicinity. Ferry.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 13 km SW | GPS: 48°35'28.502"N, 14°10'30.578"E

Originally a French chapel reconstructed as a memorial to the displaced Sudeten Germans, mini-zoo.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 24 km NW | GPS: 48°46'56.644"N, 14°4'29.636"E

Church of the Holy Trinity from 1787, interesting organ mechanism. Dr. M. Pangerl (1834 – 1879) notable archivist and historian, was born here.

Horní Planá

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 25 km NW | GPS: 48°46'2.499"N, 14°1'57.27"E

Village at the upper part of the Lipno Reservoir (776 m above sea level). The long square with multi-floor houses is similar to towns on the Austrian side of the border. Interesting buildings are the town hall, church (last reconstructed in 1708), square with a park and a statue of St. John of Nepomuk. The nature trail will lead us to the birthplace of the writer Adalbert Stifter, which houses a museum. There is a statue bearing his name in the park. Close to the statue, there is a beautiful view of Plechý and the wall of the Plešné Lake with Stifter’s obelisk. Dobrá Voda sanctuary outside the town.

Hořice na Šumavě

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 25 km N | GPS: 48°45'57.29"N, 14°10'42.332"E

Village (700 m above sea level) with very old history, founded around 1272. Gothic church in the square from 1487 with an altar of St. Catherine, patron of miners. From 1816 to 1947 – folk passion plays – demonstration of individual scenes from the Old Testament and the New Testament. A post-war attempt to revive them in the Czech language ended up unsuccessfully. The first movie of a length of 250 m was shot here (showing the passion plays). Revived by local amateurs in 1991. In 1948, a bronze treasure from 1300 – 1000 B.C. was found here, now it is deposited in the Český Krumlov Museum.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 40 km N | GPS: 48°51'14.454"N, 14°12'40.106"E

Settlement mentioned in records dating back to 1263, after 1293 upgraded to a town. In 1990, a municipal protected area declared. Late Gothic Church of St. Mary Magdalene from 1487 – 1507, Rococo Chapel of the Virgin Mary from 1762, Baroque town hall from 1667, Late Gothic or Renaissance houses. Birthplace of the architect of the Schwarzenberg Canal, Ing. Josef Rosenauer (1735 – 1804).


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 40 km NW | GPS: 48°48'52.651"N, 13°52'51.227"E

Mountain village located 865 m above sea level, with a water tunnel in its upper part belonging to the Schwarzenberg Canal of approx. 420 m in length. Now a technical monument. There is a Mountain Rescue station in the village.

Lipno nad Vltavou

Distance: | GPS: 48°38'21.566"N, 14°13'45.571"E

Originally a woodcutters’ settlement. Thanks to the nearby reservoir, it is now a noted recreation centre. Starting point of boat lines and trips around the reservoir. Rocky riverbed below the reservoir, where whitewater races take place.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 4 km SE | GPS: 48°37'12.684"N, 14°15'26.894"E

678 m above sea level. Woodworking industry, two chapels of Gothic origin dedicated to St. Ulrich and St. Procopius, each standing on a different bank of the Vltava.

Bear Trail

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 37 km NW | GPS: 48°48'25.442"N, 13°56'18.779"E

Starting at the Ovesná railway station. Leads through interesting rocky formations with various names and ends at the Černý Kříž railway station. Established in 1967, it is the oldest nature trail in the area of the Bohemian Forest and South Bohemia.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 50 km NW | GPS: 48°42'9.021"N, 13°58'17.086"E

24 m high observation tower (1,022 m above sea level) located on a mound under the peak of Sulzberg (1,041 m above sea level), built in 1967 (originally a drilling tower from Gänsendorf), metal staircase, 137 stairs. Topographical tables at the tower walkway. View of the Lipno Lake, Boubín, Vítek’s Stone etc. Raised scrub bog nearby.

Nová Pec

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 36 km NW | GPS: 48°46'32.973"N, 13°55'38.073"E

Originally a woodcutters’ village, now serving recreational purposes, starting point of the afflux of the Lipno Reservoir. The famous Želnava Sawmill was founded thanks to the sufficiency of wood in the forest complexes of the Trojmezí Uplands near the Hefenkrieg Skid. Distributary of the Schwarzenberg Canal – so-called Želnava Skid used for wood rafting. Novopecký a Jezerní brooks traverse the village.

Nové Údolí

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 60 km NW | GPS: 48°49'56.26"N, 13°47'47.426"E

Located at the border crossing to Haidmühle. An interesting site is the modern construction of railway tracks across the border, which is used by a replica of a steam locomotive with historical wagons. There is a museum of Bohemian Forest shuttle trains and a memorial to legionaries.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: 25 km N | GPS: 48°46'35.755"N, 14°5'44.524"E

A pond with the highest elevation in Bohemia (731 m above sea level), established in the 15th century, with an area of 138 ha, max. depth of 6 m. There is an old bastion with a mansard roof at the dike.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 28 km NW | GPS: 48°47'31.221"N, 13°59'46.293"E

A village protected area since 1995 – Upper Austria houses of Bohemian Forest type. In the forest at the road leading to Želnava, there is a medieval castle with high ramparts, not mentioned in written records.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 47 km NW | GPS: 48°46'13.435"N, 13°51'33.862"E

Rocky peak (1,378 m above sea level) overlooking the Plešné Lake at the Plechý ridge – Třístoličník, no view, the highest peak on the Czech side of the Bohemian Forest. 400 m away from the top, there is Austrian Meadow, the highest and an exceptionally precious mountain raised bog in the Bohemian Forest.

Plešné jezero

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 45 km NW | GPS: 48°46'38.58"N, 13°52'1.517"E

Glacial lake with the second highest elevation (1,090 m above sea level) under the highest peak of the Czech part of the Bohemian Forest, Plechý. Area: 7.48 ha, perimeter: 1,242 m, length: 540 m, width: 150 m, max. depth: 18.3 m. In the northern slope of the wall above the lake, there is a memorial to Adalbert Stifter, writer and poet, born in Horní Planá.

Rožmberk nad Vltavou

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 18 km E | GPS: 48°39'15.302"N, 14°21'54.59"E

This castle located at a rocky bluff above the bend of the Vltava River was founded by Vítek of Rožmberk in the 13th century. Only the Jakobínka Tower has been preserved from the Early Gothic upper castle. The lower castle was reconstructed in Neo-Gothic style as a memorial to the Buquoy House. Latrán below the castle. Decanal Church of St. Nicholas. Brake stone.

Schwarzenberg Canal

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 60 km SW | GPS: 48°48'12.974"N, 13°48'44.064"E

One of the largest and most beautiful preserved technical monuments in the Bohemian Forest, built between 1779 and 1821. It begins at the Bavarian border under the Steinberg Mountain (1,021 m above sea level) and after 52 km, it enters through the Rosenauer Reservoir (no water) to the river Mühl. Before the reservoir, there is a memorial to Josef Rosenauer, founder and ingenious architect.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 20 km S | GPS: 48°33'39.499"N, 14°16'2.904"E

Peak (1,122 m above sea level) with a 30 m high cross and observation tower. This is where the Austrian part of the Bohemian Forest ends and the Mühlviertel Range begins. Chair lift, downhill courses.

Stifter Memorial

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 47 km NW | GPS: 48°46'13.435"N, 13°51'33.862"E

In the wall above the Plešné Lake, there is a memorial (1,311 m above sea level) to the great Bohemian Forest poet and writer, Adalbert Stifter from Horní Planá. The height of the memorial is 14.5 m. The obelisk is constituted of blocks of so-called Plekenštejn granite.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 60 km NW | GPS: 48°51'33.715"N, 13°49'17.102"E

Village in the valley of Cold Vltava, 780 m above sea level. Woodcutters’ settlement from the 17th century, now a tranquil recreational village in the Šumava NP. North of the village, there is a wooden chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary; spring at the chapel. On the southeastern hillside, there is the Stoical Rock, which was used in the past as a guard tower for protection and safety and caravans traveling on provincial roads. Remnants of beechwoods on debris fields, the woods are of forest character.

Svatý Tomáš

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 20 km W | GPS: 48°38'26.232"N, 14°6'16.942"E

Waidmanns Heil (994 m above sea level), a beautiful hunting lodge, burned down in 1990, now with a provisional roof. Gothic church in repair. Above the village, there is a castle named Vítek’s Stone. Southwest of the village there is a natural monument to Saint Thomas – mixed mountain debris forest.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 50 km NW | GPS: 48°46'18.139"N, 13°50'20.064"E

Probably the best known place of the Plechý Ridge – Třístoličník. Located in a small saddle between the western fore-peak of Plechý (1,375 m above sea level) and Trojmezná (1,364 m above sea level) – the point where the borders of three countries meet (Czech Republic, Austria and Germany), with a new trilateral granite boundary mark installed in 1993. No view (high forest).

Trojmezná Mountain

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 50 km NW | GPS: 48°46'18.567"N, 13°49'45.56"E

Protected area. Border ridge with a great rise, dominant peaks of Třístoličník and Hochstein (view), Trojmezná Mountain, Pleché and Smrčina. The elevation of the peaks exceeds 1,300 m. Rare plants and animals in the area of Trojmezná Mountain.


Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 55 km SE | GPS: 48°46'52.376"N, 13°48'16.955"E

(1,311 m above sea level) Border mountain that was named after three stone stools. They are engraved in the peak of the mountain (stone stairs lead to them). There is a nice view from the peak. It is a part of the Trojmezná Mountain Protected Area.

Vítek’s Castle

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: 22 km SE | GPS: 48°38'42.292"N, 14°6'11.399"E

Ruin of a small castle, which is the castle with the highest elevation in the Czech Republic (1,053 m above sea level), founded probably in the second half of the 13th century by Vítek of Krumlov as an administrative and protective centre of the newly settled area, and it was abandoned probably in the first half of the 15th century. Between 1948 and 1989, it was used by the military as an observation tower. In 2005, it was opened to the public, newly reconstructed and with a refurbished observation tower, from which visitors may admire the beauties of the Lipno Lake, the Bohemian Forest, Blanský Forest, Nové Hrady Mountains, or even the Alps if the visibility is good.

Vyšší Brod

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 12 km E | GPS: 48°36'57.528"N, 14°18'42.57"E

Formerly one of the most famous places (593 m above sea level), where rafts going further down the Vltava to Prague were bound. Usual starting point for navigation of the Vltava. Gothic Church of St. Bartholomew in the square, wooden cross at the cemetery, town hall from 1525 and fountain in the square. The monastery complex founded in 1259 by Vok of Rožmberka is now occupied by friars again – the area of the monastery is a national heritage site. Within the limits of the monastery, there is the Church of Ascension of Our Lady, Postal Museum, Chapel of St. Anne of 1645. In the Marian Chapel, there is a painting of the Madonna of Vyšší Brod. Library with 70 thousand precious volumes, picture gallery, paradise garden. Above the town (2 km away from Vyšší Brod), there is the Chapel of the Virgin Mary (Maria Rast am Stein), built in Pseudo-Romanesque style in 1888, inside of which is the Virgin Mary with Infant Jesus, and a stations of the cross path with 14 stops leads to this place from Vyšší Brod.

Zadní Zvonková

Distance from Lipno nad Vltavou: cca 50 km NW | GPS: 48°42'49.603"N, 13°57'45.23"E

Settlement founded during the colonisation of the Bohemian Forest. Former wooden church, reconstructed in 1992 along with the cemetery, the church is dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk.