Holiday in the Lipno Region

Over the course of recent years, the possibilities of spending leisure time, both in summer and winter, have improved thanks to many business activities in the region. The level of lodging and restaurant services have improved as well, just like the cultural facilities and the backdrop of individual recreation areas. There are a number of opportunities to relax, exercise, learn or try something completely new, such as yachting, hot air ballooning, dogsled riding or navigating the Vltava on rafts. It is possible to order a customised vacation.

Holiday in Lipno in the winter

Winter in the Lipno Region passes in the name of snow, sun, mulled wine and skiing. The whole Lipno Region is interwoven with many kilometres of cross-country skiing tracks, and downhill skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts will appreciate the modern skiing facilities at Kramolín, as well as the downhill courses on the Austrian side (Hochficht). Almost every winter, the reservoir freezes and creates a huge ice rink for people interested in skating and related sports. Some cross-country skiing tracks traverse the frozen lake as well. Even in winter, it is possible to use the wellness services provided by a number of hotels, inns and sports centres.

Ski resort Lipno